Race Day

During the race if you would like to be a marshal or help in any other way, introduce yourself at the racer check-in and we’ll be happy to find you a job!

On May 14th while the guided XC rides are underway, there will be a contingent of SCC and SCUMB members out clearing signage off the XCM and we can always use a hand.

Just drop off the signage at Persephone Brewery on your way down to the ferry.

Thanks!  Volunteers make the world go around.


COMPLETED: We plan to mark the XCM and XC on Easter Monday, April 17th.  If you’d like to help we’d love to see you.  Meet 9am at the corner of Mason and Norwest Bay Roads in Sechelt.

All our volunteers are invited to the volunteer thank you party here on May 15th.

Trail Days

COMPLETED: Trail days are supported by Off The Edge Adventures and are scheduled for Saturday Feb 18Saturday March 18Saturday April 22.  Gary is going to having a BBQ on site so everyone will have an delicious lunch.  Meet at the corner of Mason and Norwest Bay Roads in West Sechelt with tools at 9:00 am




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