We will be offering you lots of cash if you’re a top finisher.  As before we offer 5x entry fee for 1st, 4x for 2nd, 3x for 3rd, 2x for 4th, and 1x for 5th.  Same goes for the ladies!
There are special cash prizes donated by Kris Sneddon, our own local Pro racer, which go to the top non-Pro riders with a local address.

You’ll be happy to know that Boreale Bikingis on board again, offering 2x 3 day all-inclusive riding holidays.  This covers guided riding, accommodations, and food just outside of Whitehorse.  They can also get you a deal on flights.

If you’re not a speedy finisher, don’t worry, you won’t be left out.  Our friends at Norco will be offering up numerous draw prizes and Raceface and BC Bike Race will also sweeten the pot.

Our local sponsors offer products and services to help you enjoy the beautiful Sunshine Coast; Off the Edge, Spin Cycles, Alpha Adventures, Super Valu, Noah’s Water, Gibsons Building Supplies, Sunshine Coast Credit Union, The Old Boot Eatery, Up the Creek hostel, Vital Signs,  and more.

Check out the Boreale Biking website for details.  We’re sure you’ll want to take your friends along.

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