Cross Country Marathon

The XCM offers you about 50kms of Coast riding including some logging road, some double track but lots of single track.  There will be a feed station which you will see twice, offering the usual water, juice, fruit, and snack bars.  This is 2 wheel drive accessible for those bringing a support crew along.  The 21kms option gives a good workout to those who aren’t quite ready for the full meal deal.

The full route can be  found on TRAILFORKS@

You will be riding classics trails like. DeWormMe which will take you down and around Phare Lake. Phareline will take you through the big burn we had in summer 2015, and is named for the local faller who gave his life fighting that fire. Frogger will give you a nice switchback climb through a clear cut with an awesome viewpoint at the top. The trails Millipede and Cabin Fever will take you in the Homesite Creek area. SCC & SCUMB members are constantly improving trails and moving blowdown for you. We have built new bridges on Millipede this year!

VFR is the last big climb descent before you finish the Sunshine Coaster long course.

Short course XC
If you’re not up for the marathon just yet, we offer a shorter 21kms course.  You’ll be turned up Frogger at the first feed station and although you’ll miss a lot of logging road, the infamous Cabin Fever and Millipede, Escalator and Elevator, you will still enjoy some serious climbing and wonderful viewpoints.

The full route can be  found on TRAILFORKS @