OLD: 2016 Sunshine Coaster XCM Map

New Map coming soon

Below is the latest map for the XCM course.  We hope to have TrailMapps.com on board to provide us with a map like last year again but for now this is what we got

Check out the map below and click on it for the full image download:

New Map coming soon

3 Comments on “OLD: 2016 Sunshine Coaster XCM Map”

  1. Hi Everyone! This is an old version of the 2016 race course. Use the March 1st version and better yet, download the app from our sponsor Trailmapps.com to follow the race course. Enjoy the new race route!
    Warren – Co-organizer – Sunshine Coaster

  2. Hi Warren
    You said “Use the March 1st version”
    Would you have an explanation on where to find the March 1st version. I’m having a little trouble finding it.
    Cheers, DansweepHorn.

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